Dialogue forum

On 31 October 1517, a Wednesday, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, thus initiating, indeed forcing, the renewal of the Church. He was not content with just making his criticism public. He publicly demanded change and forced dialogue. 

Dialogue between the believers and the Church leadership is important. For example, the newly created format "Dialogue forum: news and discussions on burning questions” offers the opportunity to engage in conversation with the Church leadership on current topics.

Possibilities and limits of tolerance 

First dialogue forum
3 December 2022 at 1 p.m.
Neuapostolische Kirche Hildesheim
Goslarsche Landstraße 11, 31135 Hildesheim

The first dialogue forum, which will take place on 3 December 2022 at 1 p.m., will focus on the topic of tolerance. The video by the New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany, which was shown for the first time at the central divine service on 27 November 2022, is an invitation to join further discussion: How do we perceive people with different opinions or people who look different? Does tolerance already mean that we love our neighbour? And how can we let them participate in the righteousness of God that comes through faith in Jesus Christ?  

The first forum will be broadcast from Hildesheim via YouTube. In addition to a panel discussion, it will be possible to participate in the second part of the discussion on site in Hildesheim. In subsequent events, this possibility will also be opened up via the Internet. 

Please note: The event is only available in German.

Questions about the dialogue forum can be sent by email to: kontakt@nak-dialogforum.de