You would like to celebrate Christmas with acquaintances and friends? Here is some graphic art for you to download and print or share on social networks.

The complete text of the video

We love God and our neighbours
With different roots, different colours
Fellow humans no matter the region

No matter the religion
The atheists, the 200% pious
And those who don’t like us
The ones who are always there – the new
People with disabilities
The hip and the traditional
No matter their gender or way of sharing love
Whether poor or rich
Just as you are: We embrace you.

Information about the making of the film

The filming took place in September 2021 in the New Apostolic Church in Coswig (Anhalt, Germany).

The production team:

  • Creative director: Björn Renz
  • Director + DOP: Florian Erker
  • Camera: David Jayne
  • Assistant camera: Holger Sturm and Roberto Valesco
  • Hair and make-up: Noelle Müller and Vivian Koch
  • Costume design: Rebekka Siemionek
  • Continuity: Wernfried Koch
  • Assistant director: Jennifer Mischko
  • Drone operator: Sven Koselack
  • Catering: Finn and Theodor

Twenty-eight actors participated in the production.

We also thank the congregation of Coswig, which supported the project in many ways.